Relative Roots Bookstore

July 20, 2013: Relative Roots is excited to announce our new bookstore!

We’ve selected some of our favorite genealogy books and consolidated them into our own bookstore for our clients and website visitors. We’ve also included some books that we haven’t personally read ourselves yet, but after reviewing the information available on, we believe (hope!) these will be very useful. There’s also a Similar Items section, where automatically displays books that are similar to the ones we’ve selected. In all cases, we highly recommend that you review the information available about each book that you intend to purchase to ensure that it meets your needs.

We’ll periodically review our selections and make adjustments as needed. If you know of a must-read genealogy book that we’re missing from our bookstore, please feel free to contact us and we’ll consider adding it.

Happy Reading!

Disclaimers: Relative Roots makes no guarantees about the quality or relevance to your needs of any book that you purchase through our bookstore — we are simply providing a storefront to All purchases will be processed and shipped by and its authorized sellers. Relative Roots does not stock and ship any of the books ourselves. We cannot be held responsible for the transactions between you and