Genealogy & DNA Consulting

We currently offer the following standard services. Please contact us with any questions, to schedule an appointment, discuss a project or request a custom service.

Service Fee
Genetic Genealogy Consulting (in person or via phone/skype) $50 per hour, 1-hour minimum
Assisted Genealogy Research $50 per hour, 2-hour minimum
Short-Term Genealogy Projects $50 per hour, 2-hour minimum
Document Lookup/Retrieval $15-$25 per document, depending on the archive
Gravestone Photo Depends on location of cemetery
Webinars (online seminars) Free to $15 – see our Genealogy Webinars page for details.
Presentations/Workshops Please contact for pricing

The following standard presentations and workshops are currently available. Custom presentations are available upon request.

Introduction to Genealogy
A basic introduction to genealogy research. How to get started, beginning methodology, introduction to the most popular genealogy websites, overview of family tree software, and more.

Introduction to Jewish Genealogy
A basic introduction to Jewish genealogy research. Covers the same topics as Introduction to Genealogy, plus an introduction to JewishGen and other resources specific to Jewish genealogy research.

Genealogy Online: How to Turn a Name into a Treasure Trove of Family History
Case study from my own family, starting from knowing nothing more than my paternal grandfather’s name and a childhood memory of his parents’ names. Shows a step-by-step on how I researched this family using primarily internet resources, both to trace the ancestry of this family, as well as to trace forward and find living descendants of another major branch of the family.

Introduction to Genetic Genealogy
An introduction to DNA testing for genealogy, includes a brief introduction to genetics, explanation of terms used in Genetic Genealogy, and how to apply DNA testing to genealogy research.

Genetic Genealogy Demystified: Reading and Understanding Your Family Tree DNA Results
Intended for an audience who has already purchased DNA tests through Family Tree DNA and received results, this presentation will delve into how to read and understand the results for the 3 core types of Genetic Genealogy tests (Y-DNA, mtDNA, Family Finder).